Yuval Noah Harari

How to Survive the 21st Century | DAVOS 2020

Nuclear war, ecological collapse and technological disruption pose an existential threat to human civilization. Join a conversation that explores the challenges of the 21st century and how to address them before it is too late.

Speakers: Yuval Noah Harari, Mark Rutte, Orit Gadiesh

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In a world deluged by irrelevant information, clarity is power.

What is the relationship between history and biology? What is the essential difference between Homo sapiens and other animals? Is there justice in history? Does history have a direction? Did people become happier as history unfolded? What ethical questions do science and technology raise in the 21st century?

These are the queries that compel Yuval Noah Harari — a man unafraid to tackle the biggest questions of our time.


Hackable humans can become godlike or fall to digital dictators lording over data colonies: WEF insights

“AI and biotechnology will give us god-like abilities to re-engineer life”

“Our intelligent design is going to be the new driving force of the evolution of life”

“Whereas in the past humans had to struggle against exploitation, in the 21st Century the really big struggle will be against irrelevance. And it’s much worse to be irrelevant than to be exploited.”

“Those who fail in the struggle against irrelevance would constitute a new ‘useless’ class. People who are useless — not from the viewpoint of their friends and family of course — but useless from the viewpoint of the economic and political system.”