Ted Nottingham

“So you who seek for deep truth, for the mystery and sacredness of life, don't give up looking just because the externals seemed to be the opposite of what they should be. Keep searching, for it is to be found. You will find that pearl of great price, in fact you will be led to it. So don't give up! One day, you will be given that which will set your heart on fire and you will become a new person, the person you were always meant to be.”

“Our world will never be changed until individuals have changed, and individuals will never change until religion as inner transformation has penetrated to the hearts of their beings and made them into new persons. Change happens one human being at a time. It is your transformation, my transformation, that will make a difference in this wondrous but troubled world of ours, as we become who we truly are.”

“The word Church (Ecclesia) means: The assembly of those who are called out. In other words, each individual who is called out of a godless world gathers with companions on the Way and becomes part of the Body of Christ together – incarnations of Divine Goodness.”

Re-discovering Mystical Christianity: a conversation with Ted Nottingham and Peter Haskins

A conversation between Ted Nottingham and Peter Haskins regarding the state of Christianity in the Western world and the vital need to re-discover its mystical roots. The answer is clear: Christianity does have a mystical side that is available to anyone who has ears to hear.

"The Lost Gospel of Thomas: The Original Mystical Teachings of Yeshua" by Ted Nottingham
Theodore Nottingham
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