Sevan Bomar

"We invented the end, its not real,
see you forever"

Author of The Code to the Matrix. Founder of The Resistance Website, Astral Quest Radio Show, and Realm Dynamics. James’s background entails a non-conventional Western upbringing as he was encouraged by his Mother to pursue spiritual understanding

Lightning In A Bottle

I must admit my love for you is tireless. After some controversy and falsehood on behalf of some who stood in the way of this special message about our Mother continuously reaching the collective, I have decided to upload it once more since I was told initially to do so save the parts from those who requested to be removed. Much love to those who made this possible, you know who you are, see you in your heart.

We are abundant and everyone in this Tribe is unique. We cultivate and nourish uniqueness. Enjoy our honorings.

The Perfect Relationship
The Real Lucifer and Satan

After a lifetime of esoteric study and implementation, something becomes obvious. Our ancient Mothers and Fathers have been made out to be dark creatures in order to keep those who would have the power to stop the evils we see in modern times cut off from their Truth. Now see the full spectrum light.

Part 2