Royal Raymond Rife

The Rise And Fall of a Scientific Genius: The Forgotten Story of Royal Raymond Rife

In 1999, a stack of forgotten audiotapes was discovered. On the tapes were the voices of several people at the center of the events which are the subject of this documentary: a revolutionary treatment for cancer and a practical cure for all infectious disease.

By now it is becoming widely known that true scientific genius which aims to offer technology to the whole of humanity gets buried by government-corporate interests in order to preserve their monopoly. The inventions of Nikola Tesla are a perfect example. But there is another genius who remains lesser known – Royal Raymond Rife. A feature-length film tells his story.

By all accounts, those who knew Royal Raymond Rife considered him to be a scientific genius. He is reported to have invented super-microscopes that enabled him to determine the presence of a microorganism in cancerous tumors. That discovery led to the development of a cure for cancer and most infectious diseases with a device that could destroy any viral or bacterial microorganism with electrical pulses tuned to a specific frequency.

This is where Royal Rife’s story takes a tragic turn. A drugless cure for such devastating diseases was anathema to the monopolistic nature of the medical establishment in America. The FDA considered experiments with his frequency device to be a crime, and in 1946 Rife was forced to close his lab. Nearly 70 years later, people are attempting to recreate Rife’s lost discoveries and piece together the technology that promised miraculous cures.

Among those featured in this film are:

Jeff Rense, from the leading alternative media site
Dr. John Hubbard
Dr. James Bare
Dr. Robert Stafford
Michael Coyle