Karl Hess

"The revolution occurs when the victims cease to cooperate."

"I loved education, which is why I spent as little time as possible in school."

"When you put your faith in big government, you end up an apologist for mass murder."

"The most revolutionary thing you can do is get to know your neighbors."

Karl Hess: Tools to Dismantle the State

Karl Hess was a noted speechwriter (for Barry Goldwater among others) and author, and later in his life became known as a tax resister and market anarchist.

In this video from a Libertarian International conference in Stockholm in 1986, Hess speaks about everything from his time as a speechwriter for Barry Goldwater to Euclid, the impending collapse of global communism, children's education in America, the dawn of the personal computer (which he refers to as a "microcomputer"), new management styles in business (he somewhat accurately predicts the way Google treats its employees based on Cray Supercomputers' management style at the time), and several other fascinating topics. Hess also fields audience questions for about half an hour.

Karl Hess on The Practice of Liberty (1 of 5)

In the first of these five videos, Karl Hess discusses the practical advancement of one’s own liberty. While he is quick to note the benefits of a political movement, Hess recognizes that an individual commitment to liberty is key. He recognizes the tension that libertarianism faces between the anti-political and Party activists, a divide that certainly persists today.

Karl Hess on The Practice of Liberty (2 of 5)

Has history been a conflict of rulers versus innovators? Karl Hess explores the dichotomy between the political and scientific landmarks in human history in the second lecture in this series. In doing so, he revels in the importance technology has had and will have for mankind’s prosperity. Hess cannot understate his reverence for programmers, and seems acutely aware libertarianism nearly a decade before its onset.


Karl Hess on The Practice of Liberty (3 of 5)

The third of five videos in the Karl Hess lecture series can best be summed up as a libertarian praise of self-reliance. Hess discusses the benefits of having taken up commercial welding, as well as his creation of a sustainable home. He asks of libertarians to not just be great thinkers and writer, but also able-bodied, talented individuals who can be “doers.” A must-see for any DIY enthusiast!


Karl Hess on The Practice of Liberty (4 of 5)


Karl Hess on The Practice of Liberty (5 of 5)

Karl Hess looks at the big questions in the final of five lectures! How does liberty fit into your interpersonal relationships? What sort of emotional connotations does freedom hold? As Hess muses on life itself, you’ll learn about the essentials to living free, living happy, and living together.