Judyth Vary Baker - The Cancer Epidemic

Judyth Vary Baker - The Cancer Epidemic: Causes, Crimes, Corruption

Open Mind Conference 2015. Judyth Vary Baker is an author, artist, poet, witness and futurist. She has a degree in cultural/forensic anthropology and medical technology and has undergone specialised training in cancer research.

She has written the books ‘Me & Lee: how I came to know, love and lose Lee Harvey Oswald’ and ‘David Ferrie: Mafia Pilot’ and participated in the 2003 documentary ‘The Love Affair’ on the History Channel.

She is the founder of the JFK Assassination Conference (2013, 2014, upcoming 2015, Dallas, Nov. 22-24) and is working on the books ‘Witness for Oswald: My Life’ (2015) and ‘Oswald and Kennedy: the Final Verdict’ (with Edward Schwartz) (2016).

She was interviewed 80 times in 2014 (film, TV, radio, podcasts etc. (contact Trine Day Books/Booth Media). She has also written various articles and blogs.

Lecture: The connections between the horrific murder of a famous cancer researcher, the development of biological weapons by the CIA and associates, the SV40 Monkey Virus, today's cancer epidemics and the impact on the secret life of falsely accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, is revealed by a witness who was in love with Oswald and was herself involved in "The New Orleans Project" behind it all.

New Orleans is where both the assassination plans against President Kennedy began and a cancer-causing virus was mutated in a plan to kill Fidel Castro. The events there destroyed Judyth's life and killed many others.

Judyth, who first spoke out in 1999, knew Lee Oswald and important persons associated with him in New Orleans. Judyth, who personally fights for Oswald's vindication, lives in undisclosed locations for her own safety.

http://www.judythvarybaker.blogspot.com, http://www.judythbaker.blogspot.com.