Jonathan Pageau

We must live in stories. It must be a path we walk, part of the glue that holds us together. Individuals must unite themselves to a body well-formed in love so that we grow up into the logos himself, who is the head. Without that extra step, we will ultimately be dispersed like smoke like wax before the fire.

The Language of Creation: Cosmic Symbolism in Genesis

The Language of Creation is a commentary on the primeval stories from the book of Genesis. It is often difficult to recognize the spiritual wisdom contained in these narratives because the current scientific worldview is deeply rooted in materialism. Therefore, instead of looking at these stories through the lens of modern academic disciplines, such as sociology, psychology, or the physical sciences, this commentary attempts to interpret the Bible from its own cosmological perspective. By contemplating the ancient biblical model of the universe, The Language of Creation demonstrates why these stories are foundational to western science and civilization. It rediscovers the archaic cosmic patterns of heaven, earth, time, and space, and sees them repeated at different levels of reality. These fractal-like structures are first encountered in the narrative of creation and then in the stories of the Garden of Eden, Cain and Abel, and the flood. The same patterns are also revealed in the visions of Ezekiel, the book of Daniel, and the miracles of Moses. The final result of this contemplation is a vision of the cosmos centered on the role of human consciousness in creation.

The Symbolic World - a lecture by Jonathan Pageau

Our friend @Jonathan Pageau gave a lecture on the conceptual structure of Genesis for an event that was orchestrated by the Montreal Jung Society. Jordan felt that this lecture would serve as a wonderful adjunct to his biblical series, also on Genesis, featured on this channel.

Thank you to the Montreal Jung Society and Jonathan for letting us release this video on our channel. We hope that you find it useful. Visit for more info on the Montreal Jung Society.

Event Title: The Symbolic World - a lecture by Jonathan Pageau

Event Description: “Meaning is showing itself to no longer be an overlay to an arbitrary world of phenomena, but rather the very pattern of reality.

Through the questions of emergence, attention and consciousness which have been permeating so many fields in the recent past, the reality of pattern, ritual and image have also come to the fore. Meaning is showing itself, in a burgeoning post-secular age, as no longer only a subjective overlay to an arbitrary world of phenomena, but rather the very pattern of reality itself. In this frame we come to realize that the archetypal truths are not mostly biological and mental constructs in humans; they are firstly the inescapable patterning of the indefinite potential of the world as it encounters intelligence.”

A Return to Cosmic Christianity | with Bishop Barron

Most viewers would need no introduction to Bishop Robert Barron. He is a the Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles in the Catholic Church. He's also an author, speaker, theologian, and founder of Word on Fire, a global media ministry.

I finally had the opportunity to talk with him in the wake of the recent "Four Horsemen of Meaning" discussion on Jordan Peterson's channel (linked below). We discuss the current opening up in culture and return to topics like meaning and the more mystical and participative aspects of Christianity. The problems of atheism, iconoclasm, social justice, ethics, the critical historical approach to religion, addiction and finally the church fathers that have inspired us.

Symbolic vs. Literal Interpretation of the Bible

What is the relationship between symbolic meaning and historical/literal interpretation of stories in the Bible? I explore what this mean in the context of Christianity and in relation to the ideas proposed by Jordan Peterson.