Ian R Crane

Exposing Human Programming ... stepping out of the Matrix!

Groomed to becoming consumers, we become unwitting but willing slaves to the Temple of Global Corporatism ... an agenda which serves to suppress our true selves, preventing us from realising who we are and from achieving our full potential.

Ian R Crane - Economic Slavery - Your Children's Future Explained

Ian R Crane offers his analysis and insight as to what we can expect as we enter a new 5,125 year cycle. The unfolding 'APOCALYPSE' is going to take us into completely new territory but whether we have to descend deeper into the abyss as the 'old order' collapses, depends very much on US! We all acknowledge that the existing paradigm cannot continue, so as we enter into an 'Age of Revealing', it is perhaps pertinent to heed the words of Rudolf Steiner, 'He who would embrace the New, must be prepared to let go of the Old, in full tranquility.' It's time to let go the fear and anger and focus on what truly UNITES the Human Race ... and bring forth the legacy that we wish to bequeath future generations.

Ian R Crane - Global Monopoly - It's time WE changed the Rules

Filmed at The Financial Terrorism Exposed Event in Dunstable - July 1012

Ian R Crane explains how the socio-psychotic global corporatists are playing a game of global monopoly and are working aggressively to achieve their goal of total ownership ... of everything and every person on the planet!

Ian says, "By understanding the rules of the game, we have a much better chance of thwarting the pernicious agenda."

This presentation includes advice, guidance and insight as to the steps that each of us can take to avoid getting caught up in the drama being brought about by the contrived economic collapse.

The Globalist think they have control of the board .... but it's time to change the rules!