Green Renaissance

Do you feel like life is a constant game of catch-up? No matter how much you strive to get and do, you feel like you need to do more or have more?

We’re encouraged to seek out success, wealth, and material possessions, against which we measure our status, self-worth and happiness. We continually strive to achieve these things, but when we get them, we feel only a fleeting sense of happiness before setting our sights on the next thing. And this pursuit of 'stuff' often comes at the sacrifice of our physical, mental, and emotional health.

There’s no denying that money is an important part of our society and having a degree of financial stability increases our ability to enjoy life. But the reality is that most of us live in a world of overabundance. We need to realise that we have enough. We need to stop linking our self-worth and happiness to doing and having more. That’s a journey worth taking.

Stuff everywhere! Bags, clothes, cars, iPads. We love our stuff. And over time, we’ve come to believe that this 'stuff' is what defines who we are. But our possessions will never fully satisfy the inmost desires of our soul. They never have. And they are not about to start. In fact, most of the time, it distract us from the very things that bring meaning to our lives.

Instead, our lives are defined by the choices we make. It is these choices that define our character, our authentic self. So choose wisely. Do not miss out by placing importance on things instead of people. Pursue beauty, hope, love and kindness. Pursue opportunity to improve this world for somebody else. Let’s be simply beautiful.

Filmed in Grahamstown, South Africa.
Featuring Theo du Plessis.

All too often life can feel like a competition to see who is the busiest. Our lives are filled with rushing, stress, anxiety and exhaustion. Being overworked has become a marker of success, and it’s difficult to resist getting caught up in the wave. We're less in tune with our bodies and minds and there's little time left over to simply 'be'.

We don’t need to live life at breakneck speed. There is so much joy and wonder surrounding us in our daily lives - we just need to stop and take time to notice it. And it’s then that we realise that beauty truly is everywhere.

Filmed in Swellendam, South Africa.
Featuring Beneke de Wet.