Graham Downing - Human Trafficking & Vaccination

Graham Downing - Vaxxed: One Flew over the Cookoo's Nest

As the march to mandatory vaccination builds, 2016 saw another wave of flu vaccination of children across the World. To some, worryingly, the flu vaccination was administered en masse at schools across the UK against the wishes of many parents that do not want medical procedures merging with the school timetable. They could not see the point of it and some feared it may cause harm. The argument that mass vaccinations are justified to protect the health of our communities just doesn’t wash with them. They fear we living in an insane World where common sense and science are being ignored for profit and ulterior motive. Dr Downing uncovers the truth in 'One Flu Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.'

GrahamDowning - The Null hypothesis: Dead Doctors don't Talk

Trained researchers can fail to see significant facts which may disprove an accepted theory and prove another. Mislead by their conditioning they assume the obvious and return “the Null Hypothesis”—no significant difference, and stick with the original argument.

In June of 2015 a giant in alternative medicine Dr Jeff Bradstreet was found shot, lying dead in a river in North Carolina. Just prior to that he was visited by the FDA.

He was researching cures for cancer and Autism. Shortly after, another doctor was killed. Others followed, murdered or dying in strange circumstances.

Initially, all were alternative medicine advocates and the assumption was it was a war on alternative medicine and its treatment of cancer and autism.

As the number of deaths increase, the theory strengthened and persisted, adding to its list: population control.

But what if the assumption was wrong. What if the real reason remained hidden in plain sight.

What if the true reason for those deaths is more sinister than previously thought, completely missed and yet better fits the crimes?