Gerald Pollack - The 4th Phase of Water

"Life is water dancing to the tune of solids.” Without that dance, there could be no life."

"The pursuit of simplicity seems to have largely evaporated from the scientific scene. In four decades of doing science, I have seen this noble culture yield to one less audacious and more pragmatic."

"Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought."

Gerald Pollack:The Fourth Phase of Water | SNC 2018

Gerald Pollack:The Fourth Phase of Water
School children learn that water has three phases: solid, liquid, and vapor. We have recently uncovered a fourth phase that occurs next to water-loving surfaces. It is surprisingly extensive, projecting out from the surface by up to millions of molecular layers and its properties differ markedly from those of bulk water.

Of particular significance is the observation that this fourth phase is charged; and, the water just beyond is oppositely charged, creating a battery that can produced electrical current. We found that light charges this battery. Thus, water can receive and process electromagnetic energy drawn from the environment in much the same way as plants. Absorbed electromagnetic (light) energy can then be exploited for performing work, including electrical and mechanical work. Recent experiments confirm the reality of such energy conversion.

This energy-conversion framework seems rich with implication. Not only does it provide an understanding of how water processes solar and other energies, but also it may provide a foundation for simpler understanding of natural phenomena ranging from weather and green energy all the way to biological issues such as the origin of life, transport, and osmosis.

The talk will present evidence for the existence of this novel phase of water - how come nobody's seen it before? - and will consider the potentially broad implications of this phase for natural health.

The 4th Phase of Water with Gerald Pollack on A Regenerative Future

Dr. Gerald Pollack, professor at Washington State University and author of The Fourth Phase of Water joins Matt Powers on a Regenerative Future to talk about this phenomenon, its implications, and how it relates to soil and our bodies.

The Fourth Phase of Water | Dr. Gerald Pollack

Does water have a fourth phase, beyond solid, liquid and vapor?

In this episode of a New Way of Living, I interview Dr. Gerald Pollack. Gerald Pollack received his PhD in biomedical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania in 1968. He then joined the University of Washington faculty and is now professor of Bioengineering.

Pollack received an honorary doctorate in 2002 from Ural State University in Ekaterinburg, Russia, and was more recently named an Honorary Professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and foreign member and Academician of the Srpska Academy. He received the Biomedical Engineering Society’s Distinguished Lecturer Award in 2002. In 2008, his colleagues chose him as the recipient of his university’s highest annual distinction: the UW Faculty Lecturer Award.

Pollack is a Founding Fellow of the American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering and a Fellow of both the American Heart Association and the Biomedical Engineering Society. He received an NIH Director’s Transformative R01 Award. He was the 2012 recipient of the Prigogine Medal for thermodynamics of dissipative systems, and in 2014 he received the Scientific Excellence Award from the World Academy of Neural Therapy, as well as the Dinsdale Prize from the Society for Scientific Exploration. He has presented two TEDx talks on water.

The Fourth Phase of Water

Jerry POLLACK 2019 Water Conference speech , with enhanced sound and original slides presentation added.