Dr. Myles Munroe

"The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but a life without a purpose - life with the wrong priorities. Life’s greatest challenge is in knowing what to do. The greatest mistake in life is to be busy but not effective. Life’s greatest failure is to be successful in the wrong assignment. Success in life is measured by the effective use of one’s time." - Myles Munroe, Kingdom Principles: Preparing for Kingdom Experience and Expansion

"Here are a few important principles to remember with regard to the giving and receiving between males and females. When a male demands, a female reacts; she doesn’t respond. When a male gives, a female responds. When a male commits, a female submits. Nothing is more precious to a female than a committed male. Nothing is no more depressing to a female than an uncommitted male. Here’s the secret, guys: If you want a submitted female, be a committed male. It’s that simple. When a male abuses, a female refuses. Whenever a man abuses a woman, she refuses to respond. When a male shares, a female cares. If you find a man who is willing to share with the woman in his life, you will find a woman who is willing to care for her man. When a male leads, a female follows. When a man carries out his God-given responsibility for leadership, a woman responds by following his lead. Leadership does not mean being bossy, always telling others what to do. No, leadership means going ahead, not putting others in the front. Good leaders lead by example, not by decree. Jesus led by example, and so did Moses, Peter, Paul, and all the other great leaders in the Bible. Leading by example means doing ourselves the things we wish others to do." - Myles Munroe, The Purpose and Power of Love & Marriage

"When we evaluate the rightness or wrongness of actions or behavior, we need to ask ourselves if that behavior will edify—build up—ourselves or someone else, or if it will tear down. The question is not what we can get away with, but what is healthy and edifying. When it is all said and done, are we edified spiritually? Have we been built up and strengthened in our relationship with the Lord or with our spouse, or have we been weakened? Do we come away encouraged or discouraged, confident or filled with a sense of guilt or shame? Is our conscience clean?" - Myles Munroe, The Purpose and Power of Love & Marriage

A Chat With Myles "Moses" Munroe

A conversation with Dr. Myles Munroe's for our film "The Black Moses". In it he has a powerful story and message for the Bahamas, Third World developing nations, and the world.

Wisdom For Women

Straight Talk to Women examines societies’ attitudes toward women. Are women and men equal? What are the purpose and design of the woman? Are women meant to be leaders? This message is designed to help you to understand the woman as she was meant to be.

Kingdom Principles of Fatherhood -

In this teaching, Dr. Munroe details the reason why God calls men “Fathers”. Dr. Munroe explains what God’s original intent was for the male man in bringing the culture of heaven to earth.

Why Men Need Visions & Dreams

Dr. Myles Munroe gives detail reason why everyone, but men especially, need visions and dreams. Men are the foundation of the family and the home so it is imperative the he lays the foundation and direction for the family as a whole.