David Holmgren

Interview on Permaculture, Energy Descent & Future Scenarios

David Holmgren is the co-originator, with Bill Mollison, of permacuture. This is the full interview we shot with him for our film "A Simpler Way: Crisis as Opportunity". We can only ever fit in a few minutes' worth of the amazing interviews we get to shoot, so here's the whole thing for people who want to get into the nitty-gritty!

In conversation: David Holmgren and Helena Norberg-Hodge

David Holmgren (co-originator of the Permaculture concept) and Helena Norberg-Hodge (Director, Local Futures) share a deep ecological sensitivity, as well as a big-picture view of the environmental movement, coming from many decades of experience. In the comfort of Helena’s home, the two discuss the cross-pollination between permaculture and other localization initiatives, the future of energy and social and economic organization, and more. They also present a historical analysis of the currents and counter-currents of environmentalism, which any activist would do well to consider.

David Holmgren presents 'Aussie St' in Morwell (full presentation)

On June 1 2019, permaculture co-originator David Holmgren gave his much loved 'Aussie St' presentation to a crowd of over 200 people at Kernot Hall in Morwell, in the Latrobe Valley.

The event was presented by the West Gippsland Catchment Management and the Latrobe Catchment Landcare Network, and was filmed by Darryl Whitaker.

From May 2019 - September 2019, David Holmgren and his partner Su Dennett travelled around Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia on a RetroSuburbia Roadshow. The Morwell gig was one of 22 roadshow events.

David documented his and Su's four months away on a blog, which you can read here

Q&A with David Holmgren at 'Aussie St' event in Morwell