Content, Chris Petit

Christopher Petit's 'Content' is a kind of hypnotic road movie, a meditation on the limbo of middle-age and the flatness of the digital age. The film isn't available for love nor money, so this is my Frankenstein construction from two badly corrupted online sources. The lesser version is from here on YouTube, the better version was ripped from German TV, but covered in the worst imaginable large yellow subtitles. I've tried to key them out, but it's a bit of a mess down there. The stuttering video disappears after about 10 minutes. I at least managed to get a solid audio track together.

Between a deceased father and a young boy, Chris Petit wonders and wanders through concepts of the past and self-identity.

CONTENT - Chris Petit (interview)

Based on the writings of Ian Penman and narrated by Hanns Zischler, inspired by the electronic music of Antye Greie, "Content" is a thrilling trip without a destination, a hypnotic, meditative ramble about things past, the meaning of childhood, the impact of technology, the expansion of impersonal warehouses. The car passes by a landscape of containers and shopping malls that has driven out any sign of humans.