Clive de Carle

Why Are Cures Against the Law? Clive de Carle Live at Truth juice 2016.

Clive de Carle is a specialist in the field of health mastery and has helped tens of thousands of people to restore their health through talks, retreats, broadcasts, videos and personal consultancy.

Recognised as one of the world’s leading health researchers, Clive has spent thirty years studying the most effective natural health solutions available. Clive is the host of the pioneering Health Revolution Internet TV show which features over three hundred of Clive’s interviews with international health experts.

Clive de Carle | Outsmarting Big Pharma With Health Supplement Secrets

Clive de Carle is an erudite Englishman with an excellent grasp on the essentials of nutrition, supplements, and strategies for staying out of hospitals. With his Secret Health Club, Clive provides pointers for peak performance that "they" don't want you to know. Tune in to hear empowering health philosophy, learn about Vitamin C, Magnesium, Fulvic minerals, Iodine, willpower, and much more!

HOW TO BE FREE. Full length version LARKEN ROSE AND CLIVE DE CARLE. discuss the future possibilities.

"I'm not scared of the Maos and the Stalins and the Hitlers. I'm scared of the thousands of millions of people that hallucinate them to be "authority", and so do their bidding, and pay for their empires, and carry out their orders.
I don't care if there's one looney with a stupid moustache. He's not a threat if the people do not believe in "authority"." - Larken Rose

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