Charles Eisenstein

Charles Eisenstein - Interview from Living the Change

“Going around New Zealand making a film … like that's not gonna get you anywhere, that's irrational, impractical, unrealistic…” Lots of people have asked about our interview with Charles Eisenstein for Living the Change – only a few minutes of the awesome 1.5-hour interview made it into the film so we thought we’d share it all with you. Have a listen to get the full picture of that quote :)

Healing Our Disconnect w/ Charles Eisenstein

Charles Eisenstein, one of the most prolific writers and speakers of our time shares his insights & solutions to meet the challenges presently facing humanity.

From an early age Charles asked questions that societal institutions and world leaders failed to address. As a Yale graduate in mathematics & philosophy his growing awareness of ecological devastation and social injustice dissuaded him from whole-heartedly embracing a normal career.

Charles early quest found him working in Taiwan as a Chinese translator while immersing into an eclectic investigation of Eastern spiritual traditions, health, nutrition, globalization, spirituality, physics, and biology.

His internationally acclaimed books, "The More Beautiful World our Hearts Know is Possible", "Sacred Economics" and "The Ascent of Humanity" share Charles vision of a better world that awaits us all. We are indeed honored to have Charles join us, and we know many of you are equally looking forward to this episode.

Covid-19 Is A Rehab Intervention: Charles Eisenstein | Rich Roll Podcast

Today Charles shares his thoughts with Rich Roll on the coronavirus pandemic and the implications for recreating a new society.

Conversation with Orland Bishop

Great question and answer interview between Charles Eisenstein and Orland Bishop