Carl Munck

Carl Munck "The Code" part 1 of 3 | The Matrix Revealed

Carl Munck takes you on a mathematical journey of the ancient monuments of the world.
From the Pyramids of Egypt to Stonehenge, and from the Nazca lines of Peru to the Bermuda triangle, Carl Munck explores and explains all of the ancient secrets of the world with the help of mathematics.

Carl Munck's theory claims that megalithic monuments, such as the Egyptian pyramids, include code showing their geographical position. Geographical positions are given in conventional latitude and longitude coordinates; however, in Munck's findings, the prime meridian does not run through Greenwich, but through the Great Pyramid in Giza. His theory has been is known simply as "The Code" and it asserts that an ancient Jewish numerological system known as gematria is used in the manipulation of numbers to other key locations, mathematical components, and positions of sights in the geometry of their construction.

Carl Munck "The Code" part 2 of 3

Carl Munck "The Code" part 3 of 3