Builders of the Ancient Mysteries

"We have the truth still with us. But it is not found in books, to any given extent. It has been passed along......from lip to ear. When it was written down at all, its meaning was veiled in terms of alchemy and astrology, so that only those possessing the key could read it aright." - Three Initiates, Kybalion: A Study of the Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece

"Like all other initiatic teaching, Egypt held that man's purpose on earth was the return to the source. There were recognised in Egypt two roads to this same goal. The one was the way of Osiris, who represented the cyclic nature of universal process; this was the way of successive reincarnations. The second road was the way of Horus, the direct path to resurrection that the individual might achieve within a single lifetime. It is the Horian way that is the basis of the Christian revelation and, according to Schwaller de Lubicz, the aim of Christianity was to make this direct path available to all who chose to embark upon it, rather than to a small group of select initiates who, in Egypt, comprised ‘The Temple’. In this sense, and in this sense only, has there been ‘evolution’ in human affairs." - John Anthony West

BAM: Builders of the Ancient Mysteries (2020) | Are We Really The First Advanced Civilization On Earth? Made by the Team behind Revelation of the Pyramids


This is the bold and controversial question raised by this movie. Facing the inconsistencies of current hypothesis and on-site surveys given by cutting-edge technologies, an investigator rationally questions scientists, engineers and experts in order to understand. Embark on a great and fascinating tour of the most amazing archaeological sites on Earth, as you have probably never seen them before, for a great journey, deep in the origin of our civilization… a trip that may change forever your vision of our past… and more.