B and T Life Lane - Mixed Farming

How To Start A Profitable Mixed Farm On A small BUDGET For Beginners!

Today we're sharing how you can start a profitable mixed farm on a small budget most especially housing. We also answer questions from the previous video on IMO process.( Very detailed and informative)

If you’re a first time farmer or planning to start a mixed farm of pigs, goats, cows, poultry, this video is for you.

Low Cost Goat Rearing For Beginners!

Today we're working with the boys! spraying the goats, taking them out to feed too!

If you’re a first time farmer or planning to start goat farming, this video is for you.

Profitable MIXED FARMING For Beginners!/ Cutting COSTS!

It's a farm tour! We're showing you the IMO Process so far in the No Smell Pig House, it's detailed. Making our own concrete blocks, the corn and new Alfalfa grass for the goats!( Very detailed and informative)


It's very sad to let you know that we no longer have a manager at value farm, but we also want to introduce to you the new team on board. The team has great experience and knowledge in mixed farming and without any doubt, we shall all benefit from them.

I will be introducing my co director too! (so much to learn for anyone planning to invest in farming from the diaspora)