Architects and Engineers

Architects and Engineers On 9/11

This is a DVD rip of the full pre-release documentary from which demonstrates the thoughts of a group of over 1,600 architects and engineers who have examined the evidence concerning the collapsed buildings at ground zero on 911. Most telling is their analysis of building 7. This video is a very important one indeed, as it cannot simply be dismissed as the ravings of "conspiracy theorists", because these are actual architects and engineers who disagree with the official account of 911 based on their analysis of the available physical and video evidence. If you find this video useful, please support by purchasing your own copy of the film. Then copy it and give it to skeptical friends, family, and co-workers.

9/11: Blueprint for Truth-The Architecture of Destruction

This is the full 2 hour version of the original dvd "Blueprint for Truth-The Architecture of Destruction". In 2 hours Richard Gage, AIA of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth takes you through most of the scientific forensic evidence proving beyond a reasonable doubt that the destruction of WTC was accomplished with explosive controlled demolition.

9/11: Blueprint for Truth (Blaupause für die Wahrheit) mit Richard Gage Research Edition 2008

In einem multimedialen Vortrag präsentiert Architekt Richard Gage die Ergebnisse von Untersuchungen namhafter Wissenschaftler, welche die tragischen Ereignisse des 11.9.2001 in ein anderes Licht rücken. Dabei konzentriert sich Gage auf technische Aspekte der Gebäudeeinstürze an 9/11.

Die akkurat recherchierte Dokumentation kommt zu dem Schluss, dass nicht die Flugzeugeinschläge für die größte Tragödie des 21. Jahrhunderts verantwortlich sein können. Richard Gage ist Mitglied des American Institute of Architects und Begründer der Association of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. Durch diese Organisation und zahlreiche Vorträge, versucht der langjährige Architekt Gage der Propaganda des neuen Pearl Harbor Fakten entgegenzusetzen.

Bis dato haben über 1380 Architekten und Ingenieure (Stand 12/2010) seine Petition für eine unabhängige Untersuchungskommission unterzeichnet.

9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out

Experts in high-rise architecture, structural engineering, metallurgy, chemistry, physics, explosives, and controlled demolition share with you their compelling and convincing professional expertise and insights about the events of 9/11. Eight more experts in the workings of the human mind give their moving explanation as they make clear why this solid research is difficult for some people to deal with.