About Trees, Mountains, and Lost Years

We thought we had seen the forests and walked in them when their growth is only 30 meters. We enjoy their beauty and are accustomed to these forests, but we are simply forced to think that it is a forest, when in fact – it is just a 30-meter-high bush…

Then it turned out that in the United States they preserved the old wood that is depicted in fairy tales: “a giant” 100-meters. It makes such giants fantasy when we hear the words, Fairy Forest. On the California redwoods our imagination is limited (because of the prism), otherwise, the mind would question itself at the size of Devil’s Tower, indicating a tree of 6 km altitude.

About Trees, Mountains, and Lost Years

A Research of the distorted History of our World. When Mountains were giant Trees and volcanos were spoil heaps. where did the Years gone missing.

Von Bäumen, Bergen und verlorenen Jahren

Es scheint wir müssen die bisherige Sicht auf die Berge, Vulkane und Canyons die uns umgeben über Bord werfen.